What We Believe

In short, we believe in Jesus Christ; but, oh, the endless truths that we bear witness to about this God-man! We believe that Jesus Christ is God incarnate – meaning that not only is He fully God but He also became fully man. He came to give Himself as the perfect sacrifice for our sin and to offer us peace with God (what we call salvation) and eternal life. We hold to four pieces of the Gospel story, what we refer to as the FOURFOLD GOSPEL, and believe that every follower of Christ is called to live their lives on mission participating in the work of Christ as He calls humanity into relationship with God – a story of global relevance and an invitation to everyone without exclusion.

To further understand the scope of our beliefs, our STATEMENT OF FAITH outlines a broader declaration of our faith and outlines the breathtaking work of God, the heart-wrenching tragedy of the sin of humanity, and the fruit that flows from the sacrificial work of Jesus Christ.

Fourfold Gospel

As a part of the Christian Missionary Alliance denomination, we hold to a distinctive referred to as The Fourfold Gospel.

The Fourfold Gospel is a simple summary of the work of Jesus Christ. Our founder, A.B. Simpson, coined the term “Fourfold Gospel” in his own ministry proclaiming Jesus Christ to be our Savior, our Sanctifier, our Healer and our coming King! Each of these aspects is a rich treasure flowing into our lives from the great work of Jesus Christ! To learn more about this incredible teaching, CLICK HERE.